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Promotional products are a unique form of advertising that could potentially continue advertising to new target markets for an unlimited amount of time. Think about what promotional products generally are: note pads, pens, t-shirts, key chains etc. Sandlot Sports offer 1000’s of these potential “Advertising Ice-Breakers big and small. Promotional products are objects that are easily used in our everyday life which makes them effective for long term advertising exposure. There is no better way to cost effectively promote your brand, club, or event than to offer logo-ed promotional products

Promotional items have an uncanny ability to reach an audience far beyond your targeted boundaries.

T-shirts can be viewed as walking, moving, breathing billboards for your company. Promotional t-shirts are often worn to the gym or simply while out on the town exposing themselves to hundreds, even thousands of people each trip.

Logo Golf Balls, Umbrellsa

Golf Umbrella, Titleist Golf Balls and Flashlights perfect corporate giveaways

Custom Corporate Giveaways

Sandlot Sports can gear your promotions to match the event of customer you’re looking to impress. Titleist, Maglite, and other name brand corporate goods are a must to set your company ahead of the pack.

Lanyards in Saginaw, MI or Bay City

Promotional Products offered by Sandlot Sports like lanyards and stickers

Lanyards, Coozies, Stickers and more…

When you’re hosting a major event promote it with our custom decorated lanyards, coozies, or even stickers. Think about custom lanyards around the neck of each individual that participated in our 5K run. Add custom coozies in the all advertising bag give-aways. Order 1000’s of sticker for your little guerilla marketing campaign. Completely customized to promote you brand or event!

Sunglasses, Golf Towels, and Water Bottles

Custom logo waterbottles, sunglasses, and more

Keep it Fun and Easy

While you can spend $$$ on the high end products, don’t forget the fun ones. Logo sunglasses, economical golf balls, and towels are a perfect way to stay under budget while making your event memorable. Get the most out of your budget and don’t break the bank. Sandlot Sports offers a HUGE variety of items for $1 or less.