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How is Sandlot Sports affected? 

Our business makes custom apparel and provides promotional products for small and large companies. We also provide on-site printing at nearly 200 events a year . Due to cancelled events and business closings, orders have dried up.  On top of that with schools and businesses closing I don’t know how many months it will take to recover.

We are a manufacturing company that works extremely hard to pay good wages, offer benefits, and a work environment that is enjoyable while being able to support our team and their families.  Though the screen printing industry isn’t directly being shut down, we are unable to provide adequate work for our staff while our customer base is closing.

There isn’t a playbook for scenarios like this, but we have a plan to accommodate as well as we can. As you know, the safety of the community is the upmost importance, but there are also small business staff, owners, friends, and families in our community that can be affected as well. We do our best to promote local small business and we hope that you can actively find ways to support small business while keeping yourselves healthy and safe. Please let us help you raise money and keep us going during this hard time for everyone.

Take a look at this sample store for the fictional Big Ray's

Sample Store
Sample Store