How They Make It Happen: Ryan Dost and Adam McCauley of Sandlot Sports

June 5, 2017Jessie Lewis
Behind every successful shop is a humble beginning. In 2008, Ryan Dost and Adam McCauley launched their screen printing and embroidery business in a 400 square foot shop in Bay City, Michigan. While local schools were showing interest, making ends meet was a constant battle. “We packed up shirts nearly every weekend and hit the road just to keep our door open,” says Adam.

Nine year later, Sandlot Sports has scaled to three locations, their largest space weighing in at 18,000 square feet. While they still do plenty of school apparel, they’ve expanded their services to include promotional goods, banners, and decals.

When that kind of success is described in just a few sentences, it sounds downright magical. However, Ryan and Adam know only too well the challenges that come with growing a successful garment decoration business. Things started to feel out of control a few years into their journey. “Sales were increasing, orders were getting completed, but we knew they weren’t being done efficiently,” Adam shares. “We had better equipment, we were running production software, and we were still working 60-70 hour weeks.”

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